Dress Code


Expected Behaviours:

Reasons for Expected Behaviours:

Consequences of Misbehaviours:

Note: The kilt will cease to be part of the school uniform effective September, 2019.

  Black, white or grey socks are to be worn with the uniform pants, shorts or capri pants. Nylons and tights may not be worn with shorts.

Upon arrival at school, outerwear such as coats, jackets, non-uniform sweaters must be removed and placed in lockers.   Students are expected to remain in uniform throughout the school day (including lunches and study periods).  Students should arrive to school in proper uniform.

Dress Code for Non-Uniform Days

Non-uniform days at Holy Trinity are a privilege for our students.  In keeping with the values of self-respect and respect for others, students must dress in an appropriate fashion.

On Non-Uniform Days, DO NOT WEAR:

Students are expected to wear the Holy Trinity school uniform properly and with pride at all school functions, unless otherwise instructed.  The uniform is to be worn throughout the entire school day including lunch periods. Students are expected to be in uniform upon arrival at school.

The following articles of clothing are available for purchase from our supplier, RJ McCarthy (1-800-668-8261)  www.mccarthyuniforms.ca:

R.J. McCarthy Uniforms

700 Finley Ave., Unit 14

Ajax, ON  L1S 3Z2