Mission Statement

Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School is a learning community based in the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. It is the mission of the school to co-operate in the education and development of whole persons and it does so in the conviction that spiritual, intellectual, personal, social, moral and physical growth are all interrelated and interdependent. The educational process demands careful attention to all of these areas. In furtherance of this, Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School seeks to imbue its students with core values that will grow into a firmly established Christian ethic which, as it ripens with age and experience, will serve as an example to others throughout life.

In support of the Gospel message, this community must be one which leads students to the service of the poor and the less privileged of our own society. This faith community must teach the moral values found in the Gospel and in Catholic tradition. It must make wise use of material resources. It must be a privileged place for the celebration of Eucharist and Sacraments, and it must be a place of respect, discipline and order.

Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School embraces the task of developing well educated young men and women with effective work habits, respectful social skills and a religious awareness that will allow them to meet life's challenges and to fashion personal lives which are faithful and fulfilled.