Physical Education Department

The health and physical education curriculum provides students with learning opportunities that will help them make positive decisions about all aspects of their health and encourage them to lead healthy, active lives. Students develop an understanding of the importance of physical fitness, health, and well-being, and the factors that contribute to them; personal commitment to daily vigorous physical activity and positive health behaviours; and the skills and knowledge to participate in physical activities throughout their lives.

Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership

Since 2009, Holy Trinity students in Grade 12 have had the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a unique way through participation in the Team Trinity course. In this program, those in Grade 12 work with special-needs students to develop physical, social and cognitive skills via sports and other exercise activities.

Everyone is a winner in Team Trinity. Those with special needs get a Physical Education course that moves at their pace and contains activities that are appropriate for their skill level. They also get 1-on-1 assistance when working through the activities. Those in Grade 12 learn how to plan and instruct lessons for a large group. They also learn how to work with special-needs students in a variety of locations and situations.

This course is unlike any other, as it has produced long-lasting friendships while also helping students to develop important soft skills and explore a variety of career possibilities. Running in both semesters, Team Trinity is available to roughly 40 Grade 12 students each year.

HT Yoga Course

The yoga course was created 2 years ago. It has continued to grow in popularity over the last few years and has been such a positive addition to the school community. This course will teach students about the value of healthy active living with a holistic approach (physical, emotional, and spiritual). It will present students with opportunities to participate in personal fitness and wellness activities that have the potential to engage students’ interest throughout their lives. The intent of this course is to provide students with powerful, practical tools to meet everyday challenges in their lives and to mindfully respond to them.

Outdoor Education

A relatively new program at Holy Trinity, Outdoor Education is available to grade 11 students or higher as a course within the Physical Education Department. Outdoor Education is about exposing students to outdoor activities and studying our relationship with nature.

In the grade 11 course, students participate in many outdoor, recreational activities, such as hiking, backpacking, canoeing, snowshoeing, and navigation. As well, students learn about wilderness first aid, crisis response, nutrition and meal preparation, equipment selection, care and use, and general outdoor and camping skills. At all times, we maintain respect for the environment and follow Leave No Trace principles.

In the grade 12 course, students continue to build on the skills they learned in grade 11, with more of an emphasis on leadership, planning, and instructional skills.

At the culmination of the course, students participate in a multi-day trip in a wilderness setting to put all of the skills they have learned into action. As well, students learn to work in groups and build leadership skills.

The course runs in second semester. The grade 11 course has no prerequisites, but must be taken before the grade 12 course. A course fee is required to cover the costs of the activities and materials required during the course.


The Kinesiology class at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School offers students an opportunity to explore various aspects of health and wellness. We typically begin the course by studying human anatomy and physiology. This proves to be a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Many former students return the following Christmas to explain how they were far better off in their anatomy courses in first year university in comparison to their fellow classmates who hadn’t taken Kin in high school.

We also study topics covering the basics of growth and development, motor learning and biomechanics, and nutrition and training techniques. The course is a good fit for any students with an interest in learning more about how our bodies work, but especially those looking to study in the field of health and wellness post-secondary.

One highlight of the program is our partnership with the Kinesiology Labs at UOIT, which we visit once during the course. This allows the students to get a hands on experience with some of the grad students at the university in the field of Kinesiology. It is a great chance to explore and see what a lab setting is like and they get to hear stories from students who were in their shoes not all that long ago.