Titans of the Month

The staff at Holy Trinity proudly present a monthly award to celebrate the positive engagement of our students. The Titans of the Month is awarded to a student who is respectful of peers, staff, family, and community. The recipient of this award exemplifies Christian leadership and demonstrates pride and commitment to our community.

2023/2024 SCHOOL YEAR 


Juniors: Serena Dowdle & Danno Legate

Seniors: Lukas Fallon & Aliyah Shaw


Juniors: Ronin Leal & Grace Arnold 

Seniors: Justyna Jones & Colin Pate 


Juniors: Monica Dybala & Aodan Watson 

Seniors: Blessing Ihirwe Shimwa & Will Shmyr


Juniors: Eliana Sousa & Adyn Phothirath

Seniors: Jaida Kurz & John Walchuk


Juniors: Diaelle Bataille & Lucas Santana

Seniors: Elleena Keating & Gabe Morano