Language Department

Students must graduate with the ability to use English effectively for thinking, learning, and communicating. Therefore, students are required to earn four credits in English (one for each grade), and to meet the provincial secondary school literacy graduation requirement.

French provides students with the opportunity to become bilingual in the two official languages of Canada. Students are required to earn at least one credit in French as a second language to graduate. Students may also count two additional French credits as compulsory credits towards their diploma. Holy Trinity Core French programs can achieve the mandatory French requirement.

Holy Trinity CSS offers Advanced Placement Programs in English Literature for grades 10-12. This is an incredible opportunity for students who enjoy reading, writing, analyzing and discussing literature. AP classes allow students to immerse themselves in literature and prepare for University courses in a comfortable high school setting. Students will also learn how to prepare for an AP exam that is written in the Spring of their Grade 12 year. Receiving a successful score will allow the student to apply this course as a University credit at participating Universities. Please contact the Curriculum Chair for further information if interested.