Language Department

Ontario Secondary School Diploma English Requirements 

Students must graduate with the ability to use English effectively for thinking, learning, and communicating. Therefore, students are required to earn four credits in English (one for each grade), and to meet the provincial secondary school literacy graduation requirement.

Core French

French provides students with the opportunity to become bilingual in the two official languages of Canada. Students are required to earn at least one credit in French as a second language to graduate. Students may also count two additional French credits as compulsory credits towards their diploma. Holy Trinity Core French programs can achieve the mandatory French requirement.

Core French Course Offerings:

French Immersion

Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School launched its French Immersion program beginning with Grade 9 in September 2020. An additional grade will be added each successive year until full implementation is reached in September 2023.

In secondary school, students are required to complete a total of ten credits in french to to receive a certificate in French Immersion. Students studying in French through to Grade 12 have the opportunity to complete the Diplôme d’Études de Langue Française (DELF) test. This test provides the students with the opportunity to become certified at an internationally recognized level of bilingualism.

For more information on the DELF test please visit the following website:

French Immersion Course Offerings: