Catholic Leadership Awards

PVNC honoured students who were recipients of the Catholic Student Leadership Award on May 7 as part of Catholic Education Week. Isabella was recognized for Holy Trinity CSS. Congratulations Isabella and thank you for your dedication and leadership.  

Autism Awareness

HT Student Cabinet & CASA Classrooms teamed up to support Autism Home Base as part of Autism Awareness Month at Holy Trinity CSS. Prime Minister Zoe Leal and Deputy Prime Minister Jacob Kniaz presented the donation to Ms Judy Hanson, CEO of Autism Home Base, and are joined by members of our Team Trinity Leadership Class, their teachers, and support staff.

Autism Home Base is a charitable organization based in Clarington that was formed to help adults living with autism and their families lead rich, active lives in an accepting, supportive community. Autism Home Base supports lifelong relationships, is committed to inclusion, promotes individuality, and is member driven.

We are stronger together!

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