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Student Administrative Cabinet


Student Administrative Cabinet (SAC)

Students elect a new Student Administrative Cabinet each school year. The role of the Student Administrative Cabinet is to:

  • Foster co-operation and understanding within a Catholic setting;
  • Build school spirit;
  • Promote a positive and enjoyable school environment;
  • Encourage student and staff participation in all aspects of school life;
  • Provide an active forum for all students for both academic and social concerns; and
  • Provide a means for students to gain leadership experience.

The S.A.C. accomplishes this by organizing and sponsoring student activities such as spirit weeks, school dances, theme days, lunch-time activities and other events. S.A.C. also represents the student body and their concerns to the staff and administration of Holy Trinity.

SAC Representatives (2019-2020)

  • Co-Prime Ministers: Carter Craggs & Aydan Dougall
  • Minister of Communications: Emily Shmyr
  • Minister of Internal Affairs:  Isabel Smith
  • Minister of Revenue and Finance: Rebecca Khan
  • Minister of School Culture: Andraya Rinaldi
  • Minister of External Affairs: Carter Craggs & Josh Hill
  • Deputy Ministers: 
  • Grade 12 Premier:  Krista Shiel
  • Grade 11 Premier: Olivia Aitchison
  • Grade 10 Premier: Olivia Wannack & Rylee Patfield
  • Grade 9 Premier: Isaac Smith & Valentina Bodnariuc
  • Senators: 

SAC Representatives (2018-2019)

  • Co-Prime Ministers: Adina Etwaroo & Benton Oliver
  • Minister of Communications: Malina Kulas & Kayla Coutinho
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Emily Snowdy
  • Minister of Revenue and Finance: Averie McGuinty
  • Minister of School Culture: Iana Ragbar-Francis
  • Minister of External Affairs: Adina Etwaroo & Carter Craggs
  • Deputy Ministers: Andraya Rinaldi, Ashlynn Cagan, Krista Shiel, Emilie De LIma, Olivia Manning, Megan Hurley, Charelle Milandu
  • Grade 12 Premier:  Hailey Bowles
  • Grade 11 Premier: Isabel Smith
  • Grade 10 Premier: Emily Shmyr
  • Grade 9 Premier:  Marisol Harvey
  • Senators:  Filip Sankiewicz

SAC Representatives (2017-2018)

  • Co-Prime Ministers: Brady Loenhart & Emily MacLean
  • Minister of Communications: Lauryn Jemmott
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Courtney Jessome
  • Minister of Revenue and Finance: Amelia Rinaldi
  • Minister of School Culture: TBA
  • Minister of External Affairs: Adina Etwaroo & Hannah Oegema
  • Deputy Ministers: Antoni Aleksanderek & Bradley Wray
  • Grade 12 Premier:  Mira Pearson
  • Grade 11 Premier: Filip Sandiewicz
  • Grade 10 Premier: Megan Hurley
  • Grade 9 Premier: TBA
  • Senators: TBA

SAC Representatives (2016-2017)

  • Co-Prime Ministers: Stefanie Aleksanderek & Evan Wray
  • Minister of Communications: Tiffany Cheng & Alisha Emmorey
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Christina Corkery
  • Minister of Revenue and Finance: Sarah Millson
  • Minister of School Culture: Emily MacLean
  • Minister of External Affairs: Stefanie Aleksanderek
  • Deputy Ministers: Stephen Levac & Emma Robitaille
  • Grade 12 Premier: Annabelle De Jesus
  • Grade 11 Premier: Anderson Kress
  • Grade 10 Premier: Bailey Keenan
  • Grade 9 Premier: Megan Hurley
  • Senators: Dawson Hoffman & Courtney Jessome