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In this Departments section of the website, you can access each department's course profiles, exam preparation details and important dates, as well as policies regarding late assignments.

Holy Trinity Secondary School has eleven departments, which include:

  1. Arts
  2. Canadian and World Studies
  3. Chaplaincy
  4. Guidance/Co-op
  5. Languages
  6. Mathematics
  7. Physical Education
  8. Religion and Family Life
  9. Science
  10. Special Education
  11. Technology and Business


Department Head

Phone Extension

Arts LIsa Heitzner 500
Canadian and World Studies Jill Barker 502
Chaplaincy Iman Deal203
Guidance and Co-operative Education Angela Gaskell 301
Languages Sarina Serra 555
Mathematics Ernesto Merlano 515
Physical EducationMike Lyons 131
Religion Shelley Sullivan       
Science Robert Geary
Special EducationAmanda King 117
Technology and Business Lisa Beganyi 517