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Guidance and Co-operative Education Department

Guidance and Co-operative Education Staff

Staff Area of Responsibility Phone Extension

Ms. Angela Gaskell

Curriculum Chair of Guidance and Cooperative Education

Guidance Counsellor
Student Surnames A-L


Mr. Andrew Austin

Guidance Counsellor

Student Surnames M-Z


Ms. Katherine Bidgood

Student Success Teacher

Grade 8 Transition Teacher

Ms. Fran Lahartinger

Cooperative Education

Ms. Lisa Dean

Teacher – Durham Centre for Success

Ms. Rachel Mackey Guidance Secretary 104

Guidance Appointments for Timetable Changes: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 through to Friday, February 14, 2020

 All appointments will be booked online during this period.


1.    Go to our school appointments web site:

2.    Register for an account by clicking the "REGISTER" menu tab and filling in the on-line form.  Choose a user id and password for yourself and then click the "Register Now" button.

3.  Add your children into the system by clicking the "Add a Student" button.  Click "Insert New" button to add more children.

4.    Click the "date" icon beside each child's name to schedule appointments.  Select the staff you wish to book appointments with and the "View Calendars" button.  Use the "Ctrl" or "Command" key to select multiple staff (up to 5) to view at the same time.

Click on available time slots to book your appointments and then click the "Book Appointments" button to save your bookings


Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program


Co-operative Education


Take Our Kids to Work Day 

Durham Centre for Success

The Centre for Success program is hosted on the Durham College Campus, located in Oshawa, through the School College Work Initiative (SCWI). The Ontario Ministry of Education has supported this program since it began in 2006 with only one school participating. Since then, it has grown to include the following district school boards (DSBs): Durham DSB; Durham Catholic DSB; Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB; and Peterborough Victoria Northumberland Clarington (P.V.N.C) Catholic DSB.

The program provides secondary school students the opportunity to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D) in a college setting.

Students have access to smaller class sizes and a more flexible schedule. Students attend Durham College for one semester, four days per week. They receive instruction from current P.V.N.C. secondary school teachers while at the Centre for Success. The program also provides the opportunity for students to earn at least one college credit toward their post-secondary education.

Students who benefit from this program include, but are not limited to:

  • Students who are capable of attending college upon completion of program. 
  • Students who may be suffering from mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, that may have had a previous influence on punctuality and attendance.
  • Students who may be entering their Grade 12 year with less than 22 credits, making it next to impossible to graduate with their peers. This program allows students to earn 6-8 credits in one semester.
  • Students that would benefit from a non-traditional instructional setting.

All students receive a bus pass in order to travel to and from Durham College.

If this sounds like a program that you feel would benefit your child, please contact Holy Trinity’s Guidance Department.


Course Selection:

2019 – 2020 Prerequisite Flow Chart  -

Courses will be selected via myBlueprint


  •  Click “School Account Log In” and enter your school login information to enter the site.
  •  Be sure to check Important Dates below to be sure you are not missing course selection deadlines. 


Important Dates 2019- 2020

Grade 8 Parent Information Night: Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Course Selection - Current Grade 8 Students

February 18 - February 25, 2020

  • Students complete the Grade 9 Course Option Sheet AT SCHOOL/HOME between these dates. 
  • Students print their completed myBlueprint Course Selection Sign Off Sheet AT SCHOOL/HOME
  • Students will return the signed Grade 9 Course Option Sheet, the myBlueprint Course Selection Sign Off Sheet, and the completed Registration Package to their Teacher.

Course Selection - Grade 9-11 
February 21 - March 6, 2020
  • Students complete their course selections AT SCHOOL/HOME between these dates.
  • Students print their completed myBlueprint Course Selection Sign Off Sheet AT SCHOOL/HOME.
  • Students will return the myBlueprint Course Selection Sign Off Sheet, and the proof of payment of the Student Activity Fee to the Guidance office.
Course Add/Drop Timelines
Semester 1: September 13, 2019 - Final date to make course changes for Semester 1
Semester 2: February 14, 2020 - Final date to make course changes for Semester 2

Semester 1 Exam Schedule - January 24 - 30, 2020 - Exams begin at 8:20 am
Period 1 - January 24, 2020
Period 2 - January 27, 2020
Period 3 -  January 28, 2020
Period 4 - January 29, 2020

Semester 2 Exam Schedule  - June 17 - 23, 2020 - Exams begin at 8:20 am (except for Grade 12 Period 4 exam)
Period 4 - June 17, 2020 Period 4 (Grade 12 ONLY) - Exam begins at 11:35 am
Period 1 - June 18, 2020
Period 2 - June 19, 2020
Period 3 - June 22, 2020
Period 4 - June 23, 2020 (Grade 9, 10, 11)

Parent Teacher Interviews
Semester 1 - October 24, 2019 (5:30-8:00 pm)
Semester 2 - March 26, 2020 (5:30-8:00 pm)

EQAO Assessments

Semester 1 - January 14-15, 2020 - Grade 9  EQAO Math Assessment
Semester 2 - June 9-10, 2020 - Grade 9 EQAO Math Assessment

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) : 
March 31, 2020 - Grade 10 and others

Reporting Timelines
Semester 2 begins - February 3, 2020
Semester 1 Final Reports go home - February 13, 2020
Semester 2  Progress Reports mailed home - March 16, 2020
Semester 2 mid-term Reports go home - May 6, 2020
Semester 2  Final Reports mailed home - June 30, 2020

Graduation Information
Week of November 11-15, 2019 - Grad Photo Day
Wednesday, February 5, 2020 - Grad Photo Retake
Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - Grade 12 meeting
Tuesday, April 14, 2020 - Grade 12 meeting - Valedictorian & Salutatorian vote #1
Thursday, April 23, 2020 - Grade 12 Day
Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - Grad Retreat
Friday, May 29, 2020 - Prom
Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - Grad Rehearsal after Grad mass & ticket distribution
Thursday, June 25, 2020 - Graduation - grads to be in cafe by 6:00 pm


Students and Parents! Please sign up for your REMIND message service to receive important information from the Guidance Department.

REMIND does not allow your number to be shared with the HT Guidance Department or anyone else.

To join, follow the instructions for one of the two methods below. SIGN UP NOW!!

For SMS text messages enter this number: 306-500-6045 and text the following message for the class that you are wanting to join:

  • Grade 9 (Surnames A-L): @htcss23al     Grade 9 (Surnames M-Z): @htcss23mz
  • Grade 10 (Surnames A-L): @htcss22al   Grade 10 (Surnames M-Z): @htcss22mz
  • Grade 11 (Surnames A-L): @htcss21al   Grade 11 (Surnames M-Z): @htcss21mz
  • Grade 12 (Surnames A-L): @htcss20al   Grade 12 (Surnames M-Z): @htcss20mz

In the browser of your phone or computer, type in the link to the class that you are wanting to join. Once there, follow the instructions. You will be prompted to download the mobile app.
  • Grade 9 (Surnames A-L):      Grade 9 (Surnames M-Z):
  • Grade 10 (Surnames A-L):    Grade 10 (Surnames M-Z):
  • Grade 11 (Surnames A-L):    Grade 11 (Surnames M-Z):
  • Grade 12 (Surnames A-L):    Grade 12 (Surnames M-Z):