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Guidance and Co-operative Education Department

Guidance Appointments

 Dates: Wednesday, June 12, 2019 through to Friday, June 21, 2019

All timetable appointments will be booked online during this period.


1.    Go to our school appointments web site:   http://htcss.

2.    Register for an account by clicking the "REGISTER" menu tab and filling in the on-line form.  Choose a user id and password for yourself and then click the     "Register Now" button.

         3.    Add your children into the system by clicking the "Add a Student" button.  Click "Insert New" button to add more children.

         4.    Click the "date" icon beside each child's name to schedule appointments.  Select the staff you wish to book appointments with and the "View Calendars"                      button.  Use the "Ctrl" or "Command" key to select multiple staff (up to 5) to view at the same time.

5.    Click on available time slots to book your appointments and then click the "Book Appointments" button to save your bookings.



Students and Parents! Please sign up for your 2018/2019 REMIND message service to receive important information.


This service is the primary communication tool for the guidance department to inform you and your parents of upcoming events, activities, scholarship opportunities, graduation, and other important information throughout your secondary years at Holy Trinity. The service can relay information to you through text messages or email, whichever method you prefer.


REMIND does not allow your number to be shared with the HT Guidance Department or anyone else.


To join, follow the instructions for one of the two methods below. SIGN UP NOW!!


a)    For SMS text messages enter this number: 306-500-6045 and text the following message for your group:

a.    Grade 9:        @htcss2022

b.    Grade 10:      @htcss2021

c.    Grade 11:      @htcss2020

d.    Grade 12:      @htcss2019



b)   For email or text, visit the link for your group and choose email or phone:

a.    Grade 9:

b.    Grade 10:

c.    Grade 11:

d.    Grade 12:


These are short messages and will be sent in out of class times where possible. Remind does not allow your number to be shared with me.  There may be times when I contact you individually regarding an opportunity or issue. You can also respond to posts or message me thru this.  Email is my preferred way to respond to timetable requests.



Exam Day 1 - Period 1 Class Exam
Exam Day 2 - Period 2 Class Exam
Exam Day 3 - Period 3 & 4 Class Exams
Exam Day 4 - Period 5 Class Exam

***All exams are to be written in the regular classroom.  Teachers will notify students in advance of any changes in location.***

All exams begin at 8:20 a.m.  Students must be in full uniform.

Grade Nine

  • Course Planner
  • Registration Checklist
Grade 9 Orientation Day - Thursday August 30th
  • Time 8:30-12:30
  • non-uniform
  • BBQ lunch
  • Get your timetable and locker, tour the school and meet your link leader

Grade Ten

Grade Eleven

Grade Twelve
  • Monday October 29 @ 9:45 am - Mandatory Meeting for all students intending to graduate this year.
  • Week of November 12-16 - Grad Photo Day
  • Wednesday, February 6 - Grad Photo Retake
  • Thursday April 25, 2019 - Grade 12 Day
  • Wednesday May 29, 2019 - Grad Retreat, Ganaraska Forest
  • Friday May 31, 2019 - Prom
  • Tuesday June 11, 2019 -  Grad Rehearsal after Grad Mass
  • Thursday June 27, 2019 - Graduation - grads to be in cafe by 6:00 pm