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Julie Davidson  - Jr. Girl
Nate Ford - Jr. Boy
Morgan Stewart - Sr. Girl Zack Ford - Sr. Boy

Holy Trinity supports our Board's mission of Healthy Active Living and Sport providing a variety of year-round sports training and athletic activities that:

  • build self-confidence;
  • develop physical fitness;
  • learn movement and fair play skills;
  • demonstrate courage and commitment;
  • experience success; and
  • participate in a sharing of talents by way of a fun and safe environment.

Holy Trinity offers countless opportunities to participate on competitive or recreational athletic teams. We participate in many sports with competitions across Ontario. You can print, sign, and return the secondary athletic letter to give your child permission to participate on a team. If the team includes an overnight trip, please print and sign an overnight trip contract as well.

Our athletes participate in Central Ontario Secondary School Athletics (COSSA), Lake Ontario Secondary School Athletics (LOSSA), and Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSSA) competitions. View each organization's website for eligibility, directors, conveners, transfer policy, and schedules.

We encourage all of our students to reap the benefits of being physically active every day, which includes improved concentration abilities and collaboration skills. Players, coaches, spectators and referees agree to follow our Board's Code of Conduct.

Sports & Athletic Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to participate in the following:

Sporting Team/Club Approximate Time Frame Teacher In Charge
Athletic Committee
Badminton Club - Co-Ed
Basketball- girls and boys
Beach Volleyball - Co-Ed    
Cross Country
Golf- girls and boys
Hockey- girls and boys
Intramural Sports - HTHL (hockey)
Lacrosse- girls and boys
Ski & Snowboard Club
Soccer- girls and boys
Track & Field
Volleyball- girls and boys
Weight/ Fitness Room All year round

Visit the Board website for additional information on our Board's athletic program, and the guiding principles for administrators, teachers, and coaches.

Concussion awareness: Concussion Guidelines for Parents and Caregivers

Holy Trinity Football

!!!OFSAA 2017 - Senior football Champions Holy Trinity Titans!!!!

Despite being the smallest school in the LOSSA Football League, Holy Trinity has been arguably the most successful team in recent seasons. The formula for success at HT is simple: start with a cast of knowledgeable, caring coaches and add in a large group of students who are willing to work and learn together. With junior and senior teams that each carry more than 40 students in a typical season, the football teams are the largest in the school and usually the largest in their league. And speaking of “large”, our players are anything but! With some players weighing no more than 100 lbs., the football team presents opportunities for athletic students at any size.

The Senior Titans have had several moments in the sun during recent seasons, winning OFSAA Bowl Games in 2010 and 2017, and playing in the LOSSA Championship Game in seven of the past eight seasons. Not to be outdone, the Junior Titans won back-to-back LOSSA Championships in 2014 and 2015. HT has produced many players who have gone on to play football in university after finishing their Titan careers.

While victories and championships garner most of the attention, the focus of the program is really the daily practices. By filling the football field with more than 80 players on a daily basis during June and the fall, the football program provides so many students with a healthy, constructive after-school activity. Players are taught the importance of teamwork, respect, reliability, focus and effort on a daily basis. By mastering these skills, players maximize their chances to find success in post-secondary education and eventually a career.

HT Wrestling Team

Wrestling is a great sport that teaches students important lessons about sport and life. It develops physical and mental toughness, and personal responsibility. It is also very inclusive, open to all students regardless of gender or size. Athletes complete within weight classes for each gender, meaning that even the smallest students can train and compete, and achieve success.

Wrestling has been at Holy Trinity since its second year of existence. Since then, there have been many star athletes, many of which have advanced to the OFSAA Championship. Male wrestlers such as Joey Starr and Kyle Chung were the first males to advance and see success at OFSAA. However, female wrestlers have achieved even more. Chathel Koepp was the first HT wrestler to advance to OFSAA, and Katelyn Shields went undefeated all season to win gold at OFSAA. Currently we have potential OFSAA medalists in Peyton Corrigan and Ethan Chung.

Wrestling runs from approximately the end of November until the beginning of March. We train four days a week, from Monday to Thursday, immediately after school.

All interested students are always welcome regardless of size, gender or experience.


The HT Golf team is one of the smaller teams at HT, and the only team to have a fall and spring season. The level of play is high and the expectation is that you understand and respect the etiquette and rules of the game. You are expected to have the skills to shoot scores that are suitable for speedy and enjoyable pace on a variety of courses. This is a varsity style team consisting of the four top golfers.

HT contact for the Golf Team is Mr. Coppin

HT Tennis

The tennis team involves all students.  Players can play singles or doubles and also play in a division and age group that suits their skill level.  Our season begins in September and ends in November. We practise at the local outdoor courts.  This is a great opportunity to learn how to play tennis or develop already polished skills.  Coaches strongly recommend that you play over the summer if you are intent on playing in the fall.  If you can hit the ball and serve a little, you can learn and play! There is no cost to participate unless you decide to go to tournaments.


Girls' Basketball

It was an incredible season for both the junior and senior girls’ basketball teams, both winning LOSSA finals. The girls’ basketball program has proven to consist of hard working, talented teams with many outstanding seasons. Through hard work, determination, passion and talent, this group of senior girls fought hard for many months, each year, winning many games and multiple LOSSA titles. The senior team had one goal in mind since grade nine.  These girls never gave up and achieved their goal this year, making it to OFSAA. This team of girls have had an amazing journey, through tough practices, tough losses and tough wins. They never gave up and fought all the way to the end. The journey for this team may be over, but the Holy Trinity basketball program has a bright future ahead for the Titans.



HT Girls Hockey

Code of Conduct & Responsibilities for Sports Teams


  • Treat officials, players, and coaches with respect and dignity
  • Communicate with players, coaches, spectators, or officials respectfully
  • Strive for personal best while following the rules and displaying the highest level of fair play
  • Strive for success while following the rules and displaying the highest level of fair play
  • Support all players
  • Be gracious regardless of the results
  • Play for the love and enjoyment of the game

Student Athletes Responsibilities

  • Conduct themselves in an exemplary manner demonstrating Catholic values and adherence to the school's Code of Conduct
  • Demonstrate respect for the safety and well-being of self and others
  • Exercise self-discipline at all times
  • Show respect for school and personal property
  • Report all incidents of injury or vandalism
  • Be a cooperative team member and a good sport at all times
  • Read thoroughly, sign, and return the appropriate participation forms


  • Treat officials, players, and coaches with respect and dignity
  • Communicate in a positive and calm manner
  • Teach players to strive for success while playing fairly, following rules, and displaying the highest level of sportsmanship
  • Be a positive role model for your students
  • Promote fun and enjoyment of the game
  • Be generous with praise for players of all teams

Coaches Responsibilities

  • Conduct themselves in an exemplary manner demonstrating Catholic values and adherence to the school's Code of Conduct
  • Ensure all participants have completed an appropriate participation form for activities
  • Communicate their philosophy with regards to playing opportunities to student athletes prior to the start of the season
  • Ensure that student athletes selected for a team have an opportunity to play and develop skills during the season
  • Ensure that students are made aware of event expectations
  • Read the event rules/guidelines carefully for information regarding the schedule and tiebreaking procedures prior to the tournament
  • Bring a first aid kit, have an emergency action plan, and fill out the appropriate injury report form when necessary
  • Attend all required coaches meetings prior to competition
  • Establish a procedure to monitor the change rooms if the coach is not of the same gender as the student athletes
  • Ensure that athletic equipment is not used in the change rooms, on stage, or in the halls
  • Ensure that change rooms are restricted to student athletes and coaches only (no spectators, parents, or other students)
  • Remind student athletes that safety is a priority for all participants
  • Ensure that participants treat officials, players, and coaches with respect and dignity


  • Display good sportsmanship and respect for all players, coaches, officials, and fellow spectators
  • Communicate positively with players, coaches, officials and other spectators
  • Promote fun and enjoyment of the game for all athletes

Parents, Guardians, and Spectators Responsibilities

  • Show respect for the safety and well-being of the student athletes, coaches, teachers, referees, parents/guardians, and spectators
  • Obey and abide by the rules and regulations of the event
  • Direct any communications regarding your student athlete to the appropriate coaching staff
  • Read thoroughly, sign, and return the appropriate participation forms


  • Review and follow tournament rules and league play guidelines
  • Control the game effectively and respectfully by being courteous and considerate without sacrificing firmness
  • Be loyal to fellow referees and consult with other referees in a timely fashion
  • Conduct yourself honourably at all times and maintain the dignity of the game and its players

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Ensure adequate supervision to accompany each team to events
  • Ensure that supervisory practices are gender appropriate.
  • Ensure that the coaches and athletes are aware that they are ambassadors of the school and their behaviour should reflect the school's Code of Conduct.
  • Address the breaches of Code of Conduct that arise at activities caused by student athletes, coaches, parents/guardians, and spectators
  • Withdraw a student athlete, coach, parent/guardian, and/or spectator from any activity

Team Player Prayer

God, let me play well and fairly, by respecting the rules, opponents, and officials. Lead me into treating all participants justly and with dignity. In competing, help me to learn something that matters. Let the competition make me strong but never hostile, humble never boastful. May I rejoice in victory but never let myself rejoice in the adversity of others. f I am fortunate enough to win, allow me to be happy. If I am denied, keep me from envy. Remind me that sports are just games and that I set an example, so help me to ensure that it is a good one.