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Technology Department 

To succeed in society, students need to be effective problem solvers and critical thinkers, able to understand, question, and respond to the implications of technological innovation. The technology courses at Holy Trinity encompass a philosophy that students learn best by doing. The curriculum has an activity-based, project-driven approach that involves students in problem solving as they develop knowledge and skills, and gain experience in the technological subject area of their choice.

Technological education focuses on developing students' ability to work creatively and competently with technologies that are central to their lives. For students who do not choose to pursue careers in technology, technological education can provide knowledge and skills that will enhance their daily lives, whether by enabling them to work on home renovations or car repairs or by allowing them to pursue technological hobbies.

Code My Robot Challenge

Holy Trinity Students are participating in the Code My Robot Challenge.  Learning skills to program an Carl 6 (arduino based robot) their goal was to perform the Dancing Robot maneuver where the robot is required to go to each of the 4 quarters of a clock:

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