Dress Code

Students who enrol at Holy Trinity do so with the full awareness of the uniform requirements. When a student chooses Holy Trinity, he/she agrees to abide by the established dress code. Our school uniform creates a distinct school identity. By respecting the dress code, students uphold this goal.

Only uniform items purchased from R.J. McCarthy Ltd. or its agent are allowed at Holy Trinity. Students will be disciplined if their uniform items do not comply with this standard.

Expected behaviour

  • Students must comply with the Dress Code at all times including halls, forum, cafeteria, offices, etc. (i.e. All visible items of clothing worn must be from those on the McCarthy’s uniform clothing list.) Outerwear and hoodies may be worn on route between portables and the main building. Hoodies and outerwear must be removed once a student is in the main building or portable. 
  • Black shoes worn with socks, must be totally solid black in colour (no detailing) with closed toe and closed heel. Laces must also be black. Boots, high cut shoes, flip flops and Birkenstocks are not permitted. 
  • Short sleeves only may be worn under short sleeve McCarthy’s golf shirts. (Note: only one collared golf shirt or blouse may be worn at one time). Tails of underclothes/shirts may not show under uniform shirt length 
  • White, black, or grey (visibly unmarked) t-shirts only under shirts. No colours, trim or logos.
  • Shirts may not be tied back in any way (elastics/pins).
  • Button up shirts must be closed up to at least the top two buttons.
  • A dress shirt or golf shirt must be worn under McCarthy’s sweat top, pullovers and cardigans.
  • Pants must be worn at the waist and hemmed to an appropriate length. Pant legs may not be rolled up.
  • Shorts must be worn at the waist and the length may not be adjusted. The Holy Trinity logo must be unaltered and visible.
  • Ornamental belts may not show as they are not from McCarthy’s list.
  • Solid white, black or grey matching socks must be worn with pants and shorts.
  • Excessive jewellery, studded or other wrist bands and gloves may not be worn in school. 
  • X-Kilts must be worn at a modest length: not to exceed 4" (10cm) above the knee. Any kilt shorter than this is not permitted to be worn. Skirt waists/hems may not be rolled. Parent Note: X-Kilts will be discontinued as dress code attire following June, 2019. 
  • White, black or grey matching knee socks or solid black or dark grey opaque hose must be worn with kilt (Ankle socks, patterned, mismatched or clear hose are not permitted). 
  • Bandannas and sweatbands are not to be worn in the school. The Durham Regional Police have issued warnings that students involved in gang membership use headgear, bandanas, and coloured shirts and shoelaces as a sign of membership. These items may not be displayed at school. Failure to comply will result in loss of clothing item and possible suspension.
  • Students may wear hair bands for the purpose of holding their hair back.
  • Coats are to be worn outside only or to be left in your locker.
  • Monograms on clothing must be clearly visible. 
  • Team clothing, physical education clothing and Spirit Wear clothing may not be substituted for clothing from the approved clothing list except on approved days. 
  • Clothing that is visible must be from the approved clothing list (no tails or shirts hanging down). Students are expected to arrive at school and depart from school in the school dress code.
  • Assume students will wear the school dress code on excursions unless special permission has been granted by administration.
  • Clothing that is torn or ripped may not be worn.
  • Exceptions to the uniform will be at the discretion of school administration upon presentation of a medical note.

Spirit Wear Days

  • Each item of spirit wear may replace one item of uniform 
  • Physical Education shirt and/or shorts are acceptable spirit wear attire
  • Proper uniform shoes are required when wearing uniform pants (non-black shoes may be worn only when spirit wear pants are worn. All shoes must have a closed toe and closed heel. Flip flops and Birkenstocks are not permitted.)

Dress Down Days

Dress down days are intended to provide an opportunity to wear regular street clothing and not costumes:

  • No ripped/torn clothing.
  • Covered shoulders and midriff.
  • Slogans or images must support Catholic values and acceptable school behaviour/expectations (no alcohol, drug, cigarette, unlawful references are permitted).

Reasons for Expected Behaviour

  • The Board has approved a dress code policy for Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School.
  • Students who enroll at Holy Trinity do so with a full awareness of the uniform requirements. Therefore, by choosing this school, you implicitly agree to abide by your initial commitment.
  • Staff and parents regard the uniform as a means of creating a distinct school identity. By not respecting the dress code, you undermine that goal.
  • The uniform is intended to support a safe school environment. 
  • Staff members are expected to enforce the uniform so each student is responsible to all staff members to be in uniform.

Consequences for Misbehaviour

  • Students will not be allowed in any class at any time with improper attire.
  • Kilt privileges may be withdrawn until the kilt is restored to the original state or replaced.