Hairstyling and Aesthetics

Hairstyling and aesthetics courses offer students an opportunity to work in a salon/spa environment and provide services for a diverse clientele. Students may focus on careers such as hairstylist, aesthetician, nail technician, or make-up artist. In a growing service economy, courses in hairstyling and aesthetics help prepare students for rewarding careers. Students will gain hands-on experience using professional materials and equipment and practising current techniques. They will use professional terminology related to hairstyling and aesthetics, acquire transferable problem-solving skills, and learn about the Essential Skills and work habits that are important for success in these fields. At the same time, they will expand their communication and interpersonal skills as they interact with their peers and clients. The list of approved emphasis areas for hairstyling and aesthetics can be found at

Teacher: Deborah Cain-Campbell