Computer Technology

Computer technology is an expanding branch of engineering, with roots in both electrical engineering and computer science. It includes the related areas of computer hardware and software; computer interfacing, programming, and networking; analog and digital electronics; and robotics. Computer technicians, technologists, and engineers work in every sector of society, in careers ranging from building and repairing computer systems to designing and installing computer networks, to designing and building prototype robots and electronic devices. Students taking computer technology courses will learn to work safely with computer equipment, electronic circuits, and robotic devices, and will explore the Essential Skills and work habits that are important for success in computer technology. Computer technology courses prepare students for apprenticeship, further study at college or university, or entry into the workplace directly after graduation. The list of approved emphasis areas for computer technology can be found at and


  • Hands On Learning

      • Learn a variety of programming languages: Alice, Visual Basic, C++, plus others of your own choosing

      • Create projects of your own specification

      • Learn to configure networks, and how The Internet works

      • Make your own Ethernet cables

      • Disassemble and reassemble computers, install operating systems and software

      • Work with a variety of applications - spreadsheets, databases, word processors/desktop publishing, website design

      • Explore robotics challenges through use of the NXT and EV3 Lego Robotics kits

      • Gain rudimentary electronics skills

      • Improve your problem solving skills by being faced with real-world problems

  • Cisco Certification

    • Work towards Cisco's CCNA Routing and Switching certification

  • Robotics

    • Kits are available for student use during free time

    • Competitions may be entered on student involvement/request

  • Electronics

    • Learn basic electronics components and their function

    • Build logic/control circuits

  • Career Opportunities

      • Huge demand for skilled trades-persons in Ontario

      • Explore what careers suit you best before you invest in post-secondary

Courses Offered:

Grade 10 ICS2O Introduction to Computers/Programming

Grade 10 TEJ2M Introduction to Computer Engineering/Robotics

Grade 11 BTA3O Computer Applications

Grade 11 ICS3U Computer Programming - University Stream

Grade 11 ICS3C Computer Programming - College Stream

Grade 11 TEJ3M Computer Engineering

Grade 12 ICS4U Computer Programming - University Stream

Grade 12 ICS4C Computer Programming - College Stream

Grade 12 TEJ4M Computer Engineering

Teacher: Anthony Pracsovics

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